Daily Prompt: Perfume

All of us has our own unique scents.
But my favourite has always been a particular one.

Those on your hands,
Those on your neck,
Those on your chest,
Those on your lips.

The smell when we kissed,
The smell when we hugged,
The smell after a hot, sexy lust,
The smell of love.

Perfumed me up.

I wished I knew how to unwrapped them from my souls,
Clean them from my wound.
Because the scents you left were too strong,
That it lingers more than it should be.
Torturing me when the day turns dark,
When the silence crept in.

Release me from those scents.
So that I can smear myself up,
With a new scents,
With a fragrance different than yours.
Yours who left.


Exist but not Existing.


This world that I’m stuck in,
Feels like eternity.
While the world is full of light,
None of them seeping to my heart.

I’m breathing but I wasn’t living.
I’m looking but I wasn’t seeing.
And round and round I have been running
Only to find the end is the beginning.

This world that I’m stuck in,
Sucking me in,
To every little soul remaining..
Questioning my existing.