Daily Prompt: Perfume

All of us has our own unique scents.
But my favourite has always been a particular one.

Those on your hands,
Those on your neck,
Those on your chest,
Those on your lips.

The smell when we kissed,
The smell when we hugged,
The smell after a hot, sexy lust,
The smell of love.

Perfumed me up.

I wished I knew how to unwrapped them from my souls,
Clean them from my wound.
Because the scents you left were too strong,
That it lingers more than it should be.
Torturing me when the day turns dark,
When the silence crept in.

Release me from those scents.
So that I can smear myself up,
With a new scents,
With a fragrance different than yours.
Yours who left.



Like A Cold On A Winter


Daily Prompts : Heal

Ever since you left,
All I can remember was that cold back of yours,
Turning away.
And unlike your back that turns away,
I seems to be catching a cold that won’t get healed all winter.

The time stand still.
Frozen in the moment when you said it was over.
The love between us started like a fire,
But at the end it dies and remained a harsh winter.

They said time heals all wounds,
It wasn’t the way it is for me.
Like a globe with beautiful decorations,
I have been trapped.
Because all I ever heard since then,
Where the key is playing the same music of your voice,
Repeating that cold unkind words of yours,
Uttered from the very lips that used to warm me up,
Crushing my bones.
Freezing my soul.

And inside the never ending round of winter,
All I can do is to wonder,
Whether this cold-alike-fever,
Will stay forever.
Until the day where my heart can be beating no longer.


Still, The Heart Knows.



The Daily Prompt – Denial

No matter how much you tried,
It’s useless.
You can always mask the pain, saying it doesn’t hurt.
But you can’t deny the tight feelings in your chest,
Suffocating you.

No matter how much articles you read,
“10 reasons why strong people choose to be alone”
It’s useless.
You can always find a good reason why you choose to be alone,
But you can’t deny that unfairness you felt,
When all it is that welcomes you after a tiring day at work,
Was just an empty house,
Echoing your own voices.

No matter how much friends you make,
Parties you went,
It’s useless.
You can always convince yourself that those empty spots can be filled up,
But you can’t deny that emptiness you felt,
When loneliness is the only thing you feels,
Amongst those crowds.

No matter how much you deny,
It’s useless.
You can always argue that it is the only way to keep you moving,
But you can’t deny that the denial you loves,
Hurts way much more,
Than the thing that hurts you in the first place.